API for XPInstall
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While creating install.js you may have noticed there is very little capability for user interaction.

XPInstall do provide a way to pass arguments but still what we can do is limited. Even there no escape(), unescape() functions to convert the passed argument thru Install.argument.

So I have written few API to manupulate data in the Install.argument

The method I used is using a web based Html Form collect all information to send to XPInstall. And inside XPInstall process retrieve all data as a collection. So that by specifing form elements name as key u can retrieve all the data back.

 var thisEnv = getEnv()

 // to display value of a form element

new objects I made are "Env" and "List". An instance of it can be created using global functions getEnv() and getList(). In additional to provide Env object first time call of getEnv() will also update built it "String" object to provide more method like trim(), ltrim() head(), tail() etc. These are extra functions needed to process "List" object.

See Demo and Documentation
Download envinfotest.xpi (include Documentation and the Demo Html page)

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