Know Issues with ThunderBird

I dont know everybody face this problem, so feedback appreciated.

Some times ThunderBird is not capable of updating/reinstalling an extension when it is running. You will corrupt ThunderBird installation if you try to install an extension, when it is running.

Generally this wont be a problem. And XPInstall is supposed to take care of that.

But for "QuickTools" we have "Install from URL"
and for "QuickTools TBird Options" we have modification to Tools/Option Menu.

Which are running when you try to update/reinstall the extension.
And that may cause problem.

Work arround: Additionally, for more safety rename/delete old jar file if you installed it previously in private profile.

Still, if it corrupts installation
Try first deleting
xpicleanup.dat in Application dir
chrome.rdf in Application Chrome dir (NB: not personal profile dir)
overlayinfo dir in Application Chrome dir (NB: not personal profile dir)
*.new and *.jar of the extension in Application Chrome or personal profile dir

If all these dont work then we can we have to delete and reinstall ThunderBird.

The quicktools project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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